Through our ongoing work we have identified gaps in the market and have supplied services to fill those gaps.


Shoutpoint is a self-service email marketing solution that enables you to create, personalise, send and track email newsletters.

Combining an easy to use interface and friendly work environment Shoutpoint is a robust broadcast email marketing tool.

If you would like to learn more about email marketing, please visit the Shoutpoint website.


Riskpoint is New Zealand's latest development in Risk Management Software. Minimising risks to your organisation is an important part of business. Riskpoint provides an easy way for multiple departments and teams to manage and control risk.

Riskpoint features include access from any computer with an internet connection; easy to use, intuitive interface; users are able to manage their own risks; customised reminder emails to implement controls and manage risks; simple and fast reporting; reports available in PDF or graphic image format, ready to email or download on demand; upload and attach files that are relevant to risks or controls; administration level with full access to all risks, controls and users.

For more information, visit the Riskpoint website or Contact Us.


WebDIY is the easiest method of maintaining your website, empowering you to make the changes you want, when you want, without the involvement of a web designer. Most of Heliocells websites are driven with WebDIY.

WebDIY is fully customisable and expandable, and suits all websites from small to larger membership-based sites, and also e-commerce. Most of our websites are built with WebDIY as it is the easiest way to manage an active website.

If you would like to learn more about WebDIY, and how it could be useful to your business, please contact us.

Heliocell Products

Shoutpoint Shoutpoint - Email marketing tool

Riskpoint Riskpoint - Risk management software

Shoutpoint WebDIY - Website Content Management